Types of copyright objects, procedure, terms of registration, sample certificate


In Ukraine, it is possible to register copyrights for the following types of intellectual property:

The institution that registers copyrights in Ukraine and keeps registered copies of works is the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, the obligations of which also include keeping records of authors, registering new authors and issuing registration certificates.


Property and non-property author's work rights

 Copyrights are conventionally divided into two categories: non-property and property.

Non-property rights:


Property rights:


   Possession of property rights means the ability to prohibit or, conversely, allow public performance of works, processing, replication, etc. Property rights allow the author to receive payment for the use of his copyrighted work (for example, payment for playing music on the radio or on television). The law defines the term of validity of property copyrights - they are valid during the life of the author and, in addition, 70 years after his death (property rights pass to the legal successors, relatives of the author or heirs). Non-property rights shall be valid indefinitely.


Certificate of copyright registration

 The certificate issued to the author by the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade shall certify the copyright to the work indicated in it. The copyright certificate shall contain the author's name, pseudonym (if any), as well as the title of the work. Information about all issued copyright certificates shall be entered in the state register.


Copyright registration procedure

    In order to register a copyright, please contact us (for example, by email or by phone). In order to prepare a set of documents, you will need information about the authors, information about the work (date of creation, title, genre, short abstract), as well as the work itself. A copy of the work can be provided in paper or electronic form. For example, a novel can be submitted in the form of a book or in the form of a text file (.doc, .txt, .odt, .pdf, etc.), a musical composition can be submitted in the form of sheet music on paper or in the form of an audio file (.mp3,. ogg,. wav, etc.). We will prepare a set of application documentation and submit it to the State Intellectual Property Service together with a copy of the work.

   The application submitted to the Ministry shall be checked by experts for compliance with the legally established requirements. The procedure of expert review of the application shall last 2-3 months. The copy of the work that was provided with the application remains in the Ministry.

Payment for the use of the author's work

    Most states (and Ukraine among them) shall provide for the existence of special organizations that monitor the use of copyrighted works and raise funds for this use. These organizations shall accumulate the raised funds and transfer them to the authors of works. An example of such a mechanism is the collection of payments from radio stations with the subsequent payment of author's royalties to the authors of musical compositions.


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