How to better and cheaper to register copyright in music.




Registration of copyrights for a musical work has some features, but in general, the procedure is carried out according to the general scheme (see Copyright registration. General information).

The main feature is that the author needs to determine for which work the copyright will be registered. When registering copyrights for a music you may consider as a work:

You can register copyrights for each composition separately, or you can register copyrights for a music album consisting of several compositions. Each of these options has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Registration of copyrights for a composition

    In this case, a separate package of documents, which are submitted together with the application, shall be prepared for each composition. The result is a certificate of registration of copyrights for each composition separately.

Advantages: For each composition, you get a certificate that clearly specifies the name of this composition, which can be useful as evidence in disputable situations or court cases, as well as a convincing document when entering into agreements with the recording company.

 Disadvantages: It is expensive, as you need to pay for the preparation and submission of several applications.

Registration of copyrights for a music album

In this case, you can prepare only one package of documents and one application for a so-called composite work, which is a music album. The application specifies the name of the album and a list of compositions that are included in it.

 Advantages: It is cheap, as you need to pay for the preparation and submission of only one application.

Disadvantages: The certificate, which you will receive, will specify the name of the album, but it will not specify which compositions are included in this album. This can lead to the fact that in controversial cases it may be difficult to prove that the rights to a particular composition from an album are supported by the certificate.

What is necessary to register copyrights for a music album?

 Registration of copyrights for a music is not possible without providing the work itself. Therefore, it is necessary to provide:

 Audio recordings and text can be presented on an optical disk or on a flash drive in the form of common file formats.


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