Search for information on inventions to identify the issued patents or new developments of competitors, which are closest to your invention


Who needs a patent search?

   Every year around the world, thousands of patents are issued for a variety of inventions, utility models, and industrial designs. Information contained in the patents forms the so-called “prior art”, that is the level of development of industrial technologies in various industries. Without knowledge of current state-of-the-art information it is impossible to patent the invention and to produce a new product.

   Patent search is necessary

 Types of patent searches

   There are several types of patent searches depending on the purpose of a search.

How to perform a patent search?

   Patent search is performed using specialized databases, which are selected depending on the purpose of the search. Most often, we use the following patent databases:

   These databases contain information about millions of patents that have been issued in all industries. When conducting a patent search, it is important to understand for what purpose it is performed and to possess information about the object of the search. This allows you to choose the appropriate patent search strategy and to find information in huge information arrays.

How to request a patent search?

   To request a patent search, contact us in any convenient way. Search results are provided as descriptions of found patents or as a search report.


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