A trademark is the face of a company. Trademark registration is an effective way to protect your trademark and to prevent infringement by competitors. The trademark search takes 1-2 days and the registration takes from 7.5 months, the term of trademark registration is 10 years with a possibility of renewal. Read more...


Registration of copyrights for computer programs, databases, and all types of works: literary and scientific works, scenarios and articles, poetry, musical works, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, architectural projects, etc. Preparation and submission of an application takes 1-2 days and the registration takes 2-2.5 months. Read more...

Inventions and utility models

Patents for inventions or utility models afford protection of the design of devices, processes and methods for carrying out technological processes, substances and compositions, and new methods of use. We patent anything from a toothbrush to an airplane. Obtaining a patent takes from 3 months and the term of the patent is 20 years. Read more...

Industrial designs

A design patent protects the visual appearance of furniture, clothes, interiors, utensils, devices, food products, labels, packaging, and other things. Obtaining a patent takes from 3 months. The term of validity of a design patent is 15 years. Read more ...

Assignment agreements

Licensing agreements and assignment agreements allow you to transfer an intellectual property right or to become the owner of an intellectual property right. Preparation of an agreement takes from 2 days and the procedure of registration takes from 2 months. Read more ...

Other services

Registration of geographical names, layout designs of integrated circuits, registration of patents and trademarks in the customs register, preparation of letters of request and warning letters, advisory services on intellectual property related issues.  Read more...


Apple порушила п'ять патентів на технологію 4G. Компанія буде змушена виплатити понад 500 мільйонів доларів в якості компенсації+.
Згідно з даними, суд Техасу визнав Apple винною в порушенні п'яти патентів Optis Wireless Technology і призначив їй штраф в розмірі $ 506,2 мільйона. Сума може збільшитися втричі, оскільки присяжні зійшлися на думці, що компанія навмисно використала чужі розробки в своїх пристроях.
Як відзначають в Optis, смартфони, смарт-годинник і планшети Apple, що працюють зі стандартом стільникового зв'язку LTE, використовують цю технологію. У свою чергу Apple стверджує, що патенти недійсні, і обіцяє оскаржити рішення.
Нагадаємо, на початку року в США суд засудив Apple і Broadcom до виплати штрафу в розмірі 1,1 мільярда доларів. Компанії звинуватили в порушенні патентних прав Каліфорнійського технологічного інституту

Apple нарушила пять патентов на технологию 4G. Компания будет вынуждена выплатить свыше 500 миллионов долларов в качестве компенсации.

Согласно данным, суд Техаса признал Apple виновной в нарушении пяти патентов Optis Wireless Technology и назначил ей штраф в размере $506,2 миллиона. Сумма может увеличиться втрое, поскольку присяжные сошлись во мнении, что компания умышленно использовала чужие разработки в своих устройствах.

Как отмечают в Optis, смартфоны, смарт-часы и планшеты Apple, работающие со стандартом сотовой связи LTE, используют эту технологию. В свою очередь Apple утверждает, что патенты недействительны, и обещает обжаловать решение.

Напомним, в начале года в США суд приговорил Apple и Broadcom к выплате штрафа в размере 1,1 миллиарда долларов. Компании обвинили в нарушении патентных прав Калифорнийского технологического института


Dmytro Romanenko's Patent Agency provides a wide range of services in the field of intellectual property, including registration of trademarks in Ukraine and abroad, national and international patenting of inventions, utility models, and designs as well as registration of copyrights. We serve clients from Ukraine and other countries.

Our Patent Office was founded by Dmytro Romanenko, who is a patent attorney of Ukraine (registration number 294) and has experience in the field of intellectual property since 1998. In 2009, Dmytro Romanenko opened his own Patent Agency, which has been successfully operating until now.

Patent Attorney (Intellectual Property Representative) is a specialist certified by the State Intellectual Property Service of Ukraine, which provides services for the protection of intellectual property rights.

 Our Agency team is young and energetic, but already experienced enough to offer a comprehensive range of services in the field of intellectual property to our clients.

 We are located in Kyiv. However, there is no need to come to Kyiv to use the services of our Patent Office. Most of our clients are in different regions of Ukraine and abroad. Modern means of Internet communication, along with traditional mail, express mail, and telephone services, allow us to effectively deal with the exchange of information and documents without traveling to Kyiv.



Principles of our work


  • in our practice we provide services to clients in accordance with the requirements of national and international laws;


  • we do not disclose any information trusted to us by our clients;

Financial transparency

  • when invoicing clients, we always indicate the cost of our services, the amount of the state fee and other related expenses separately, thus, each client sees what exactly is being paid for;
  • at the request of the client, we give him the opportunity to choose preferred method of payment of state fees and other related charges.

Individual approach

  • we provide services to large companies and individuals and always try to find an individual approach to each client, taking into account his needs and wishes.


  • we do not take on work that we are unable to perform, for example, if something cannot be patented or registered, we will inform you about it frankly and honestly;
  • we will not take on work if its results could be detrimental to the interests of another of clients who have contacted us earlier;
  • we help our clients to optimize costs, if possible, and inform them if cost optimization compromises quality of services or extends the time for completion the work.


  • we always focused on compliance with deadlines agreed with the client.


Who may need the services of patent attorney and when do they need them?
  • a business needs the help of a patent attorney when it comes to registering logo as a trademark;
  • a business needs the help of a patent attorney when creating a new type of product and it is necessary to ensure its legal protection through patenting;
  • a business needs the help of a patent attorney when it is necessary to ensure that the existing patents are not violated;
  • a business needs the help of a patent attorney when entering a foreign market for patenting their own products and registration of their trademarks in other countries;
  • an author needs the help of a patent attorney when creating literary, musical, or other works to protect the copyright;
  • a business or a person needs the help of a patent attorney to obtain patent protection for their inventions, utility models, and designs for further selling licenses;
  • a business or a person needs the help of a patent attorney to prepare and register a licensing agreement or an assignment agreement for transferring intellectual property rights;
  • a software developer needs the help of a patent attorney to register copyrights for computer program;
  • a designer needs the help of a patent attorney to patent his works as a design.

Патентное агентство Дмитрия Романенко

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Mailing address: 151, Kyiv, 01042, Ukraine

Phones: +38 044 361-69-81;    +38 068 616-69-13;  +38  063 750-24-89;  +38 094 926-39-81

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Office address: vul. Generala Almazova, 9, of. 38, Kyiv, Ukraine



Location map

Prior tempore - potior jure

Chronograph of inventions

0613:In 1848, Samuel F. B. Morse obtained a reissued patent for Morse code. In 1893, black American inventor T.W. Stewart was granted a patent for a mop.

Ethical principles

Working with intellectual property involves handling confidential information confided by our clients. In our work, we are committed to the following ethical principles:

  • legality
  • confidentiality
  • financial transparency
  • individual approach
  • fairness
  • timeliness

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