A trademark is the face of a company. Trademark registration is an effective way to protect your trademark and to prevent infringement by competitors. The trademark search takes 1-2 days and the registration takes from 7.5 months, the term of trademark registration is 10 years with a possibility of renewal. Read more...


Registration of copyrights for computer programs, databases, and all types of works: literary and scientific works, scenarios and articles, poetry, musical works, paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, architectural projects, etc. Preparation and submission of an application takes 1-2 days and the registration takes 2-2.5 months. Read more...

Inventions and utility models

Patents for inventions or utility models afford protection of the design of devices, processes and methods for carrying out technological processes, substances and compositions, and new methods of use. We patent anything from a toothbrush to an airplane. Obtaining a patent takes from 3 months and the term of the patent is 20 years. Read more...

Industrial designs

A design patent protects the visual appearance of furniture, clothes, interiors, utensils, devices, food products, labels, packaging, and other things. Obtaining a patent takes from 3 months. The term of validity of a design patent is 15 years. Read more ...

Assignment agreements

Licensing agreements and assignment agreements allow you to transfer an intellectual property right or to become the owner of an intellectual property right. Preparation of an agreement takes from 2 days and the procedure of registration takes from 2 months. Read more ...

Other services

Registration of geographical names, layout designs of integrated circuits, registration of patents and trademarks in the customs register, preparation of letters of request and warning letters, advisory services on intellectual property related issues.  Read more...


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Prior tempore - potior jure

Chronograph of inventions

In 1940, the first electron misroscope was demonstrated in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It was able to produce a magnification of 100,000 times, in an apparatus 10 feet high and weighing half a ton. The inventor was Dr. Vladimir Zworykin at the RCA laboratories.

Ethical principles

Working with intellectual property involves handling confidential information confided by our clients. In our work, we are committed to the following ethical principles:

  • legality
  • confidentiality
  • financial transparency
  • individual approach
  • fairness
  • timeliness

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