One of the most popular services. The source codes of the programs are necessary for registration.



   Registration of copyrights for a computer program has some features, but in general, the procedure is carried out according to the general scheme (see Copyright registration. General information).

   The Ukrainian legislation defines that computer programs are protected by copyright as texts (works of literature). The source code of a computer program is important for the government agency that issues copyright registration certificates. Therefore, in order to register copyrights for a computer program, you will need to provide the source codes of this program or fragments of the source codes. What fragments does the author of the program decide to choose? It is important to understand that it is better to choose code fragments that allow you to identify the program uniquely and distinguish it from others.

   In addition to the source codes, you will also need a guide for using the program (instruction). In the instruction, it is necessary to specify the program title, describe what purposes it is intended for, specify the system requirements and at least briefly describe how to use this program.

What is necessary to register copyrights for a computer program?

 In order to register copyrights for a computer program, you will need:

  • source codes of a computer program;
  • user's guide (instruction for a program);
  • receipt for payment of the state fee for copyright registration.


It is recommended to provide the source codes and instructions for the program in electronic form on an optical disk or flash drive.


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