The timely extension of the term of patents is the best way to protect your innovations

Extension of the term of industrial design patentovations

The term of patent

   Patents for different intellectual property objects have different periods of validity. In Ukraine, it is legally determined that an industrial design patent is valid for 10 years with the possibility of extension to 15 years. The term of an industrial design patent starts from the filing date of the application and not from the date when the patent is granted to the applicant. Many applicants do not know or forget about this.

How to extend the term of a patent?

   The patent term can be extended upon payment to Ukrpatent of a fee determined by the legislation and notification of Ukrpatent about its payment.

When a patent can be extended?

   Industrial design patent can be extended annually within the specified period of time, i.e. within 2 months before the end of the current year of the validity of the patent. Validity of a patent can not be extended for several years. If an industrial design patent is not renewed within the specified period, validity of the patent is terminated. It is possible to extend the validity of a patent upon a payment of the annual fee increased by 50% within 6 months after the expiration of the established term. If the fee is not paid within this period of time, the patent is permanently cancelled.

When there are a lot of patents

   Our practice shows that patent holders often forget to renew their patents on time. If you have only one patent, it is possible to remember when it should be renewed. But, as a rule, there are several patents and tracking the exact date of renewing of each of them is more complicated. The situation is further complicated in large companies, where the patents are numbered in tens or hundreds. Failure to renew the patent within the established period leads to the termination of validity of the patent and to the additional costs of paying increased fees. Our agency offers services in patent renewal. When you choose us, you can be sure that your patents will be renewed on time and without paying additional fees. Our professionalism is a guarantee of the validity of your patents.


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