Renewal of trademark registration is a necessity faced by every trademark owner. We will help you to maintain your registered trademark rights.


   The trademark certificate states that it is valid for 10 years from the date of filing an application for trademark registration. Upon expiration of this term the owner will lose his exclusive rights in respect of that trademark. This means that the owner no longer has the right to prohibit someone from using his trademark, can no longer sell it or transfer rights to its use under the licensing agreements. It is important to remember that the term of validity of a trademark certificate is counted from the date of filing an application to the Ukrpatent, and not from the date of issue of the certificate. This fact is often forgotten by trademark owners, who are asking for help when it's no longer possible to extend the trademark registration.

When do you need to renew your trademark registration?

   A trademark registration can be renewed in the six-month period prior to the expiry date of the 10-year term of validity. There is an option to extend the term of the trademark within 6 months after expiry of its registration, but in this case an additional fee will be charged.

How to renew your trademark registration?

   To renew the trademark registration, please contact us in the manner most convenient to you, for example, by email. Our experts will specify the amount of fees and the terms of payment, as well as prepare all necessary documents. The documents are then transferred to the Ukrpatent, which extends the term of validity of the trademark and updates the information about it in the state register of trademarks within two months. The owner of the trademark is given the extract from the state register indicating the new 10-year term of this trademark.

Important notes

   The company that owns a trademark may change the company name or legal address during the 10-year period. It is necessary in such cases to update the relevant information in the state register of trademarks before renewing the registration. Our experts will help prepare all necessary documents, make changes to the register, and extend the term of validity of the trademark.

Right to re-register the trademark

   If the trademark registration has expired and it is no longer possible to renew it in the usual way, you can benefit from the right to re-register the same trademark. This right is valid for 3 years after the expiration of the trademark. This is the last chance to renew the trademark registration.


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