Monitoring helps to find trademarks of your competitors similar to yours that are applied for registration. If necessary, you can file an objection to the registration.

What is trademark monitoring?

  Trademark monitoring is a regular review of all new trademark filings to ensure no one else attempts to register a same or similar trademark. The essence of trademark monitoring can be illustrated by the following example.

   Let's say your company is the owner of the trademark “Charming Amphora”. The company has invested a lot of money and effort in the advertisement and promotion of your trademark. In this way, your trademark has become well-known. Competitors, wishing to take advantage of the popularity of your trademark “Charming Amphora”, apply for registration of similar trademarks “Old Amphora” and “Magic Amphora”. They expect some buyers to confuse the trademarks and begin to buy their products instead of yours. The monitoring service will enable you to find out about competitors' attempts to register a trademark that is similar to yours. Upon discovering the fact that the same or similar trademark has been applied by competitors, it is possible to apply an opposition against the trademark registration to the Ukrpatent.

   If you order a trademark monitoring service, we will inform you timely about the attempts to register a trademark that is the same or similar to yours.

How is trademark monitoring performed?

   Our experts regularly (once a week) monitor all submitted trademark applications. If we identify a trademark that is the same or similar to yours, we will inform you about this. Then, with your consent, we can file an objection to a registration of such trademark application.


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